CHRISTMAS ACCELERATOR PROGRAM – 12th December 2019 – Washington Hotel – Mayfair, London


London – 12 Dec Mayfair – Washington Hotel – One FULL Day Master Class Accelerator Program – ‘PITCH PERFECT’ – All our Speakers are Investors. This will be from 9-5pm.



9 am Introduction to Program/Event - Karen Melonie Gould – Introduction to the Team of Speakers and their Roles

9.30 am - Ice Breaker - Introduce yourself and your business - 5mins

10.00 am Matt Black – Angel Investor – Board Member G2enterprise – Structure – Corporate Culture – Leadership and Management – Team Roles for a Wow Pitch Deck

10.45 am – Coffee Break

11.00 am – Kevin Monserrat – Consilience Ventures – Financials Cash Flow for a WOW Pitch Deck

12.00 hrs – LUNCH

12.45 pm – Kevin Monserrat CEO – Consilience Ventures – What are Investors using as measures re ‘DUE DILIGENCE’

13.30 pm – Karen Melonie Gould – ‘How to create the ‘WOW’ stand out Pitch Decks – Investor – Pitching USA/UK/Europe


15.00 pm – Dusica Angel Investor – Global Crypto Speaker – What do VC’s look when Investing and from a Judge perspective.

15.45 pm – Pitching Commences to Investor Judge Panel – 5 min Pitch Seed Stage and 7 mins for Series A - Dummy Run

Investor Judges: Dusica – Matt – Kevin – Feedback to prepare you to Pitch – You have to gain a 4.5/5 from each Judge to Pitch.

17. .30 hrs – Christmas Investor Party – Pitching to Investors Audience and Judges – Guest Speaker Nicky Ayton – Family Office Advisor – Sponsored by Ruffena Capital

18.00 hrs – Pitching commences to Investor Judging Panel

19.00 hrs CHRISTMAS PARTY – Network with our Investors and enjoy great food and wine and a glass of fizz on us to say ‘THANK YOU’ for your support in 2019 and to raise a glass to a Prosperous 2020.

CHRISTMAS INVESTOR EVENT – 12th December 2019 – Washington Hotel – Mayfair, London


We will leave you for 2019 with a ‘SPECIAL’ Investor Christmas Party. INVESTOR CHRISTMAS PARTY – Thursday, 12th December 2019 as sponsored by Ruffena Capital From 5pm until 10 pm at the Washington Hotel – Mayfair



17.00 hrs – Registration VIP attendance only – Investors – A Welcome Christmas Mince Pie and drink.

17.30 hrs – Karen Melonie Gould – CEO G2e Facilitating the evening in Partnership with our Sponsors Ruffena Capital

17.35 hrs – Introducing CEO/Founder of Ruffena Capital – Robin Hill

17.40 hrs – Introducing our Guest Speaker – Nick Ayton – Chainstarter

18.00 hrs – Introducing our Series A Pitches x 6 and our Judge/Investor Panel

19.00 hrs Joining us upstairs for our Reception Christmas Investor Party with a ‘WECLOME’ glass of vintage Champagne – Fine Wine and Christmas canapes. Network with our Investors and visit the Stands of those that Pitched.

Thank you for attending on before our Ruffena Capital and Gateway2enterprise ‘HAPPY CHRISTMAS’ and a ‘PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. Let’s embrace 2020 with optimism and positivity for the future.







Venture Capital World Summit is an international multi-event for businesses looking for investment and investors to connect, it is a global community for investors and investees. The 2019 World Series started in Paris, followed by Brussels, Now New York 27 June, Toronto, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Cardiff and Silicon Valley. Designed for Scale-ups looking for Series A investments. #VCWS2019. The Venture Capital World Summit is here to help businesses get the capital and expertise they need to scale up, strengthen and grow internationally through our trusted network and World Series of events. Backed privately since 2013, the Venture Capital World Summit is now currently raising its first own investment fund of £40m that will incorporate a mixed share of private, public and non-profit sources for the benefit of businesses looking for Series A funding over the next ten years. With a focus in the Artificial intelligence market, although we welcome any other sector too to submit their proposals.

Ticket for all events can be found on the official site:

Africa Startup Gate Summit

Our CEO Karen Melonie Gould will be a Speaker and Panel Judge for this Event: . As a speaker Karen will be speaking on bringing inward Investment to Tunisia Tech Start ups.

Carthage Startup Gate Summit offers African young innovators an ecosystem from which to launch andaccelerate their startup ideas.

Whether looking for investors, customers, media exposure or mentoring, Carthage Startup Gate Summit offers African young entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to connect and reach a global audience, and to engage with the tech community. The event is designed so the most brilliant startup ideas and projects at early stage may acquire the tools and resources to launch and accelerate a real business.

For more information, please see the Africa Startup Gate Summit’s official website. More information can also be found in the attachment below (in French).



We are happy to announce that we are offering you the London Summer Investor Summit 2019. It will be a Day Conference with Investors Angel VC's Family Offices and UHNW and others that support the Investment Eco System. It will have Speakers throughout the day with the opportunity for Sponsors to present their company to our Audience and a Pitch session x 6 to our Investor/Judge Panel .


9am - Welcome Introduction by Karen Melonie Gould CEO Gateway2enterprise

9.25 am - Doug Gordon - Radio Presenter and D&S Performance Optimisation

“CEO’s role in Key Account Management” and “How I tripled my sales target to $1.75Bn and how you can too”

9.50 am - Q/A Audience

10 am - Key Note Speaker Ian Sosso - Founder and Managing Partner at Monte Carlo Capital 'Combining Family Offices with Angel Investing with Venture Capital in seed stage companies'

10.40 am - Audience Q/A

10.50  am - Speaker - Sebright Chen - Summer Atlantic Capital

11.30  - Audience Q/A

11.40  am - Coffee/Tea and Pastries

11.55  am - Summary by Facilitator Karen Melonie Gould CEO Gateway2enterprise

12 Noon - Marco Antonio Soriano - Soriano Group Family Office - 'There is a much deeper meaning to crypto AI blockchain and other digital innovative systems than you think'

12.45 pm - Q/A

13.00 pm - Formal Lunch in the Dining Room

1.45 pm - Summary by Karen Melonie Gould - CEO Gateway2enterprise

2.00 pm -Chris Marson RTI Family Office - UK - 'Due Diligence as applied by Family Offices'

2.45 pm - Q/A

3.00 pm - Afternoon Tea

3.15 pm - Speaker - Tony Evans  Fintech Global Consultants FGC Group - Investment and Advisory - Japan 'What to look at when investing in Blockchain Tech and A/I'

3.45 pm - Special Guest Speaker - Nicky Ayton - Chainstarter Ventures 'Money is going to be redefined'

4.15 pm - Q/A Audience

4.25 pm - Karen Melonie Gould Introduces our Investor/Judge Panel -- Charlotte Mason - Chris Marson - Dusica Lukac - Marco Antonio Soriano  and Ian Sosso

4.35  pm - Pitches Selected x 6 from our Q2 Investor Portfolio

5.30  pm Karen Melonie Gould Closes Day Conference  Q/A Audience

5.45  pm - Networking Evening Investor Event - with fine wine and canapes




*Please note we use the Washington Hotel for accommodation which is outstanding 5* value with a 50% discount and we give our Guests complimentary AFTERNOON Tea please contact me to request code to book this and any other requirements you may have.

We are proud to OFFER this Program for 15/16 July 2019 London Mayfair Washington Hotel 9-5pm,  to prepare you to PITCH to our Investor Judges and Audience for our Summer Investor Summit on 17 July 2019. This Program includes your Pitching Opportunity and attendance to our Summer Investor Summit on 17 July 2019 in Mayfair. with a full drinks and great canapes and 5* all the way. Meet Investors from Angel to VC to UHNW to Family Offices.

We am so excited to Partner with a virtual accelerator program  ( targeting startups not accepted into other accelerators/VCs, creating a bridge to Silicon Valley & a win-win for all. Any one who joins us for our Accelerator Programs will be rewarded with a FREE PASS to this program. It looks like this Program after our initial Pilot through Partnerships in Winter 2019/2020 will be in Cyprus, Malta, Porto, Monaco, UAE and then Asia

TWO DAY PROGRAM 15 JULY 2019 - AGENDA OUTLINE - The FULL Program will be sent upon sign up.


9 am  Introduction to Program - Karen Melonie Gould -

10am Ice Breaker - Introduce yourself and your business - 5mins

11.00am Introduction to the Team of Speakers and the roles


11.45 am Geoff Miller - Investor Early Stage - 20 years CEO Board Level C Suite experience -  Decision Making - Your Team - Board and roles - Structure

13.00 hrs - LUNCH

13.45 pm - KMG - Relsilience  - Endurance  - 'HOW TO BOUNCE BACK FROM NOS'

14.30 pm - Adrian Niculescu - Marketing Expert - International Speaker and Investor 'Building and developing companies online'


15.45 pm - Adrian Niculescu - Social Media

16.30 pm - Adrian Niculescu - Sales Funnels

17.15 pm - Adrian Niculescu - Q/A 'Starting Building a company online'

17.30 pm - Revision Q/A Karen Melonie Gould and Team

18.00 PM - Preparation for next day - set tasks - Cash Flow - IM - PItch Deck


9.00 am - Karen Melonie Gould - Pitch Decks 'Video Content' Mike Violin

10.00 am - Matteo Turi - FD Investor  Cash Flow/Finances - '5 year Cash Flow Sale Up - Exits - Investment  Joe Itua 'Make Cash Flow simple for Invesors to follow'


11.15 am - Matt Black - Investor - Entrepreneur Personality traits - Skills - Failure and Success - Networking and Mentoring - Matt will offer ONLY ONE Founder COMPLIMNETARY MENTIORING from this Group

12.30 pm - LUNCH

13.00 pm - Speaker/Broadcaster Doug Gordon - Sales - 'How to triple your Sales'

14.00 pm - PITCH PERFECT  Special Guest Speaker - Nick Ayton - Investor


15.15 pm - Geoff Miller - 'KNOW YOUR INVESTORS' Sandpit and Avatar - Types - 'DEAL SIZE' Where do they hang out'

16.00 - Q/A Revision

16.45 pm - READY TO PITCH - Investor Judges - 5 minute Pitch TOP 6 Pitch 17 July Summer Investor Summit London

18.00 pm - Q/A Winners THANK YOU Those not ready to Pitch will be given a COMPLIMENTARY TICKET to the 17 July 2019 Summer Investor Summit London

This Program only has 10 PLACES so first come. It is normally over £10,000 for a London Program for 5 Days though we can offer you this program for £995.00 EARLY BIRD tickets.

BRINGING YOU BLUE SKY NATURAL RESOURCES INCLUDING MEDICAL CANNABIS – AGRITECH AND PHARMA etc In a partnership between Gateway2Entreprise, we cordially invite you to the first of our regular Investor Networking Evenings The Co-Founder of Blue Sky Natural Resources, Matteo Turi, will be presenting the complete Portfolio including Medical Cannabis.

This is another event that I am attending as their UK Partner. Join us in one of my favourite cities where I used to work and play. Our Members enjoy 50% DISCOUNT. I will be also meeting up with Investors whilst there and if you are in NYC and want a coffee or are going let me know to meet up. Also one of the Family Offices are hosting a Ladies Lunch for me on 11 Oct 2018 to discuss my book ‘Women Warriors’ and for me to meet Women Investors great news for our clients. To get your exclusive 50% Gateway2enterprise discount to this event, please click this link:

Awesome Autumn Investors Event Wed 26 Sep 2018 6pm Washington Hotel in the heart of Mayfair.

Join us with our Keynote Speakers and our Investor Panel who will be our judges for our Pitches for the evening. We have carefully selected 10 of the next 'BIG IDEA' There will be an audience of 60 Investors RSVP. Please join us for an evening of great food and drink. Networking with other Investors.

Click to view PDF


"Thanks Karen, It was an interesting & productive evening" - Peter Blue - Angel Investor

"Many thanks for hosting the event - certainly some interesting opportunities and some great guests. Best of luck over the pond. "- Alex Wardman - Harwell Capital Family Office

"I enjoyed your event – you assembled some interesting companies, kept the pitching tight, fielded a top of the line panel, and led us out with a song – what’s not to like!" - Shane Smith Angel Investor

"I enjoyed the event, thanks for the invite. Various good conversations afterwards. Some fascinating and varied pitches representing a wide spectrum of ideas." - Andrew Symvan - capital VC

"Last evening was probably the best meeting I have attended. You managed to keep us to time (Ruthlessly) and despite the transport difficulties you had a goodly number of wealthies. The judges set the tone and were surprisingly kind and constructive which set the scene for the greet and meet session. I felt the rivalry, for when I came up somebody had moved our stand into the corner – a matter soon corrected. We had a lot of interest and I will respond to the players next" -Martin - Spinal Foundation (Pitching on the night)


Visit Family Offices' website 26th July 2018

This is an unmissable Summer Investment Event in partnership with Family Offices. THE Richard C. Wilson is back in the UK after an amazing London Capital Raising Bootcamp in April. A DEAL 'GURU' - $11bn in 2017!

Back by outstanding popular demand we are proud to bring to you our Members ‘Deal Flow’ Summit with Richard Wilson. It will take place on London 26th July in Mayfair. Please join us! I'm so excited to share with you the special DISCOUNT code for your members to receive 50% off the admission price!
DISCOUNT CODE: gateway2enterprise

Visit T4C website 16th/17th May 2018 Our CEO Karen Melonie Gould will be speaking about Investment Eco System support for Start Ups.
Visit Family Offices' website 27th April 2018

All the way from USA, Family Offices CEO Richard Wilson will share how he can using his 5 point Strategy raise $11bn in 2017. They are the Biggest USA Family office Investors Group Globally - with 1500 Investors. 50% Discount for my Members added bonus! I am delivering a Master Class on Angel Investment - Two books as Gifts from us one of Angel Investment and one on 'DEAL FLOW'. Our CEO will be a speaker on Angel Investment! If you miss out this time, the Bootcamp is back in London on a World Tour on 26 July 2018.

Finconnect Live Excel Dec 2017 – Our Free Gifts to our Members because we value your time – Christmas comes early for our Members.

December Christmas Invite London 6/7 December 2017 – Halloween TRICK OR TREAT

We wish to invite our Members to the FinTech Live Excel London as our Guests. Our Christmas gift to you are the following:

  • Free delegate passes (They valued at £349 each FREE TO OUR MEMBERS)
  • Unlimited free exhibition passes (These give YOU Free Access to All the Workshops)
  • Also, our Master Class 9.15 am next to Stand 5 Entrance turn left to the right. We are giving you an insight into our 2 day ‘PREPARING STRUCTURING AND SOURCING INVESTMENT’ Program 2018 with our SPONSORS ‘How to claim your TAX CREDITS and did you know about Grants?
  • For All our Members who attend the Workshops there is an option to secure a COMPLIMENTARY 121 MENTORING/BROKERING Advice Session.

Book it through our website www. or use our Facebook Event page.

Sign up here:

Why not JOIN US as our VIP Guests for a drink and Networking after the Show on 6 Dec at 5.30 pm – Let’s get the Christmas Party started – then off for a Chinese Christmas meal and Karaoke.



Good Morning All

If you didn’t already know we will be exhibiting at this years ‘The Business Show 2017’ at the Olympia, London on 16th & 17th November for the 10th year running and this year our Partners and Sponsors will be who will be sharing the stand with our CEO Karen Melonie Gould on how to secure R&D Tax Credits and Grants during our Workshops daily on ‘HOW TO PREPARE AND SOURCE INVESTMENT’

Our Stand No 1110 is upon the entrance near Google you cannot miss us.

We wish to invite our Members to attend the greatest Business Show in London UK and Europe for the 10th year running as our Guests it is free.

Please come early for the Master Class as it will become full like last year where there was standing room only. PROMOTION: For every person who attends the Master Class we will offer you a personal 121 on finance, investment, Grants, R&D Tax credits, Business Development with any one of our Team.

Speaker Name Day Time Theatre
Karen Melonie Gould Thursday 16th November 14:45 - 15:15 Raising Finance Theatre 8
Karen Melonie Gould Friday 17th November 13:15 - 13:45 The Finance Theatre 9

We are so looking forward to being back at Olympia and to seeing some familiar faces.

You can book via our new website www. or go to our Facebook Page those that book our Workshops Prior to the Event receive 121 Support and a Goodie Bag.

Let us rock London at Olympia 2017 doing great business London despite Brexit is still the capital for investment and finance in the world and the hunger and appetite of our Investors has only got more ravenous.

Karen Melonie Gould CEO www.

Swiss Banking Partners Investment Events 21 Sep London Mayfair 2.30 pm Guest Speaker Charlie Morris Newscape Group another one of our partners on Bitcoin and then on 27/28 Sep Join us in Zurich Karen our CEO is speaker and Compere and is read to present our Boutique portfolio of our investment opportunities to their family offices and high net worth

The two videos below should be watched by all our guests, speakers and community members. Thank you for watching:
Innovative Cities Part One (YouTube)
Innovative Cities Part Two (YouTube)
THE GREATEST BUSINESS START UP SHOW EUROPE UK LONDON 16/17 Nov in partnership with our stand is right next to Google at the front upon entrance. Do not miss our Master Classes on ‘HOW TO PREPARE AND SOURCE INVESTMENT’ with a special Guest Appearance. Anyone that attends will receive a free 121 consultation session.