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Since I started to work with BAR WORKS in Jan 2016 they have gone from strength to incredible strength and with Trump firmly in the Whitehouse this is great for USA Investments – the dollar will be strong again and exceptional value for money.


Mike Ogden - Jan 2016Mike Ogden - Jan 2016


Where else could you get a rate for return of 16%?

Who would pay you out monthly?

Who would buy back your investment after 2 years at 125%?

They have added more to their NYC USA portfolio just requests the Brochure. NEW is Miami – again just request the Brochure. Contact under or under 0044 079391 64110 to discuss.



Mike Ogden - Jan 2016

"Really pleased to be investing in a hot sector right now, co-working is changing the way small business, entrepreneurs, and startups work and BarWorks seems to have come up with a nuance that serves well to this expanding market. Going head on with the likes of unicorn WeWork, BarWorks could expand rapidly on this current investment model and I hope to invest in further rollout as they come to the UK. They have delivered so far in what they have promised, having invested in 5 units on their 3rd premises in Manhattan, N.Y. Additionally, Karen has been instrumental and has gone above and beyond in providing support through the investment process, not to mention the due diligence that she has done behind the scenes."

Mr. A S from London

Mike Ogden - Jan 2016

"I seek investments in UK for my Middle East clients and at first we worked with Karen on Fintech Investments and Commercial Property. Karen then introduced us in May 2016 to BAR WORKS which our Middle East clients embrace and as such have invested 2nd round in NYC and Miami for 2017. Karen always makes herself available in London when we fly in and takes care of all the details."

Mr C - Dubai

Mike Ogden - Jan 2016

"I invested through Karen in April 2016 as I had invested with Karen in Dolphin in 2015 as advised, and now have just increased my Wealth Portfolio with Bar Works, so can live off the interest monthly whilst living overseas, thank you Karen for your support."

Mrs M - London


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